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Superior Painting & Crack Repairs

Count on Huntsville Painters to deliver the best quality painting and drywall repairs. Call us today for interior or exterior painting.

Interior Painting

Transform a single room or the entire interior of your home or office. Breathe new life into your walls and ceilings with vibrant color. The pros at Huntsville Painters will come in and freshen any area with new paint, matching existing colors precisely if you choose to keep them.


Custom color treatments are available for your baseboards and crown moldings, including doors and door trim. We use durable paint that is also used for churches and schools.

Drywall Repair

Gouges and small holes in ceilings and walls must be repaired before painting can begin. Some homes settle over time, and cracks above doors become visible.

Huntsville Painters will expertly handle all minor drywall repairs and even remove stucco-like finishes from ceilings, leaving smooth surfaces. We also remove old wallpaper and prepare all surfaces for painting.

Closet With Shelving

Exterior Painting

Take good care of your home or commercial building by making sure the exterior is weathertight. You may discover hairline cracks near all the wood joints. Water will get inside of those cracks and as the temperature changes, will expand and damage the wood.

Huntsville Painters has a solution. We'll fill those cracks with caulking to form a watertight barrier. Any rotting wood around windows or portions of deteriorated siding will be replaced.

Proper painting with quality products will then add years to the life or your home's exterior and boost the curb appeal. We scrape old, loose paint and prepare all surfaces, cleaning them thoroughly first, to remove any mold.